Monday, August 23, 2010

Road Kill (2010)

After "Undead", "Wolf Creek" and the success of "Saw" (not an Australian movie, but it's directors are from that country, so...) there has a bit of a resurgence in Australian genre films. Movies like "Lake Mungo", "Black Waters", "The Loved Ones" and more have made their presence known, and it seems like there's no stopping the recent boom any time soon. Well, like every boom, there's bound to be some duds, such as "Road Kill."

"Road Kill" follows the exploits of four very stupid teens, who decide to check out the good old Outback. Well, a Road Train hits their car, totaling the bastard, and it's "driver" starts shooting at them. Well, being four very stupid teens, they decide to take the Truck, and the next thing you now, bad juju and supernatural evil raises it's ugly head.

Dumb, pointless and aggravating to the extreme, "Road Kill" is beyond the shadow of a doubt one of the worst horror movies of the year. Nothing in the movie is scary or disturbing, with director Dean Francis opting for surreal images (red eyed dogs, blood covered maggots) to try and convey a sense of menace, only to fall flat. Also, while I'm used to horror movies being strange and at times nonsensical, would it have killed director Francis and writer Clive Hopkins to make a movie that at least makes a little sense? Nobody in this movie behaves in a realistic manner, and whatever explanations are given to the horrors on display (including the revelation of how the Road Train is fueled) are stupid and nonsensical beyond words.

Then there's how dumb these characters are. Seriously, these kids are dumb even by the standards of a genre in which stupid behavior can be a given, and nearly everything they do is infuriating in it's stupidity. You want-no, feel the need-to see these dumb-asses die, and instead you get dumb decision after dumb decision.

Seriously, this is just crap. The only real reason to see any of this is if you are forced to in some kind of bizarre hostage situation which involves a terrible horror movie, and since there's a 99.99% chance that will never happen, you should consider yourself lucky. Avoid.

Rating: 0.5/10

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