Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hit And Run (2009)

One of the biggest fears people have is the idea of hitting something or somebody whilst driving. So, it's not really a surprise that several horror movies have focused on this idea. Among those most notable for this are Stuart Gordon's "Stuck" and "The Hitchhiker" segment from "Creepshow 2." So, leave it to the direct to DVD market to take on this fear with Enda McCallion's 2009 flick "Hit and Run."

Mary Murdock (Laura Breckenridge) has a few too many to drink one night, and hits a bump in the road. Waking up, she finds out that said bump was actually a stranger named Timothy Emser (Kevin Corrigan.) So, what's a girl to do! Bury him in the woods of course! But he has a family, and the events are beginning to take a toll on her psyche. To make things worse, Tim might not be dead after all...

Playing like a mix of "Stuck" and "The Hitchhiker"segment, , "Hit and Run" works best when it remembers to do the following: 1.) Keep it simple, 2.) don't overstay your welcome and 3.) Give the audience a strong lead. Breckenridge gives a pretty good performance that best shines when she seems to be loosing her marbles and is afraid of being caught, though Corrigan makes for a fine victim turned fatale. It's also relatively short (84 minutes) but not too short, and manages to pull off some fine surprises along the way without deviating too much from the formula.

The movie does suffer from two notable flaws though. One is the occasionally flashy direction, which hinders the picture somewhat. It's much better when it's being directed in a straightforward manner and not relying on quick cuts and slow-motion techniques. Then there's Christopher Shand as Mary's boyfriend Rick. His character is very annoying, and Shand plays him too over the top, making him a character you want to see die in a movie that doesn't need that.

While it didn't blow me away, "Hit and Run" is a better than expected horror flick that doesn't break too many rules and should be of interest for those wanting a quick but entertaining experience. Nothing special, but nothing bad either.

Rating: 6.5/10

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