Sunday, October 3, 2010

Werewolf: The Devil's Hound (2007)

And now, back to more Direct to DVD bullshit from Lionsgate (who else?)

I mentioned in an earlier review that one of the worst sins a Horror/Comedy can commit is to not even bother to try. Well, another thing that can hurt a horror comedy is if it tries too hard. Mixing the two together is a tricky thing to do, and often times you have to either find the right balance between the two, or you have to go "fuck it" and just go completely insane with the concept. Well, "Werewolf: The Devil's Hound" certainly tries to have it many ways, but the end result is about as good as you'd expect.

A female werewolf (Christy O. Cianci) has escaped Germany and made it here in the states. While there, she kills people, and bites FX artist Kevin Madden (Michael Dionne.) As expected, bad things start to happen, as well as poor attempts at drama, screwball comedy and a some German Werewolf hunters get into the mix as well.

The problems with "Werewolf: The Devil's Hound" are too numerous to mention. Sure, it runs into many of the problems that low-budget Direct to DVD horror run into (bad acting, poor editing, etc.), but those are the least of it's problems. The direction by Gregory C. Parker and Christian Pindar (yep, two people wrote and directed this) is erratic to the point of nausea, feeling too often like it was done by two guys hopped up on Red-Bull. It also doesn't help that the werewolves are also incredibly lame, with Christine Hofferman (the girl werewolf) looking too much like a lycanthropic version of the Shaggy Dog, and the werewolf version of Kevin looking and at times acting like Wolverine with bad contact lenses. The biggest flaw though, is the schizophrenic nature of the script, which constantly shifts from dead serious to insanely goofy. The best example of this is the character of Kwan (Lance Hallowell) the Werewolf Hunter. The moment he starts doing lame pratfalls, I couldn't help but mutter to myself "Chris Kattan: Werewolf Hunter."

To be fair (I can't believe I'm saying this), I can't rate this as low as I want to because as awful as it all is, it at least has a little ambition (the film certainly seems to have an interest in the sexual aspects of lycanthropy.) The problem though, is that it doesn't know what to do with said ambition. Watching it, I can't help but think that with a better script and better direction, this could have at least been tolerable.

What's funny about this is that if it weren't for the poor direction, and if it had been released in the late 80's or the 90's, it probably would have gained a small cult following. That does seem to be the case here, as it feels at times like the people behind this are hoping that such a thing will happen, and who knows, maybe it will. Several bad Horror/Comedy flicks have inexplicably become cult items, so whose to say this won't become one?

Rating: 1.5/10

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  1. I watched this one not to long ago as well. Completely agree with your review of it. Sadly though there are worse films out there than this, which is saying a lot.