Monday, January 3, 2011

Legacy Of Blood (1971)

I remember reading a review of "Dead Noon" that saw the reviewer (In this case, Foywonder from Dread Central) saying two days ago, he saw that movie, and the next day he saw "The Spirit", so he was a man in need of a good movie. Instead of offering the usual historical tidbits and whatnot, I want to say that after sitting through the remake of "And Soon the Darkness", "New Years Evil" and now "Legacy of Blood", I too need a good movie. I don't even feel like telling people about micro-budget horror movies from the 70's. I just want a good, or at least watchable, movie.

When Christopher Dean (John Carradine) dead and gone, the four heirs must stay at the family estate so they can collect his last will and testament of $140 million. Well, someone begins knocking them off. So, who is it? Is it Igor (yes, that's really the character's name, and he's played by Buck Kartalian)? Perhaps it's Elga (Ivy Bethune)? Or could it be that Christopher isn't really dead?

One of the very few notable things about "Legacy of Blood" is that it has a cast of veteran character and television actors, which is a bit surprising to me considering that this is a movie clearly made for next to nothing. You'd expect a group of amateurs and then Mr. Carradine. Apart from that, the entire cast (except for Kartailan and Bethune) are all terrible, delivering their dialogue with little to no conviction, and are clearly embarrassed to be in this movie.

Apart from that, there's nothing in this movie to write home about. Sure, the cheap 70's gore effects have a charm, and there's a few seedy details to the plot (including an incestuous relationship and Igor's sadomasochistic tendencies), but it's all directed and acted with little to no energy. In fact, the movie itself is boring, with most of the action being replaced by lots and lots of talk, and little else. Even the score by Jaime Mendoza-Nava is lacking, as it largely sounds like it would be more fitting for a television movie from that era.

As it stands, "Legacy of Blood" is the kind of cheap, no budget exploitation that promises all kinds of lurid thrills, but offers tedium instead. For cinematic masochists only.

Rating: 1/10

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