Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blood Out (2011)

I consider myself a nice guy when it comes to my reviews. I try to be fair to movies, I really do. I sometimes even feel bad for ripping a movie to pieces. Well, that's not the case here, as "Blood Out" pretty much deserves the critical drubbing it's been receiving. The directorial debut of producer Jason Hewitt (whose credits include fun but flawed due to studio interference "Cabin Fever 2" and the so bad it's hilarious "Wrong Side of Town"), this movie released on DVD by (who else) Lionsgate is an all around bad film.

"Hellboy 2" and "Blade II" actor Luke Goss plays policeman Michael Savion, whose brother is killed by crime lord Zed (Vinnie Jones.) So, what does he do? Why, he does what anyone would do when his brother is killed-he gets tattoos and becomes a vigilante. In the process, he ends up working for another crime lord named Elias (Tamar Hassan) and joins his gang-not knowing that Elias was also responsible for his brothers death. Oh, and he gets "involved" with tough but hot girl Anya (AnnaLynne McCord) and ends up in a fight sponsored by Arturo (Val Kilmer, continuing his ongoing slump.) Other things happen, but to be honest, I stopped caring pretty fast.

One of the things that's noticeable about "Blood Out" is the DVD box. It advertises that Val Kilmer, Vinnie Jones and rapper 50 Cent (who also severs as an executive producer) have large roles. Not true. Okay, Jones plays a big part, but he, Kilmer and Mr. Cent aren't in the movie for very long. Hell, Reverend 50 is barely in the movie at all-which is for the best, as he's as wooden as they get. I do feel for the other actors, particularly Hassan, McCord and Goss. All three try so very hard, and to be fair, I don't think they're awful actors. The problem is the script. You can only do so much with terrible writing, and everyone here (save for Jones, whose his usual awesome self) is stuck with trying to carry it.

There's little else that stands out as good. Sure, I laughed at the ridiculous Gladiator outfit wrestler turned MMA fighter Bobby Lashley wears, and I had fun impersonating Jabba the Hutt whenever Kilmer showed up (dude's gotten pretty bloated), but that's all the enjoyment I got out of it. The movie itself is filled with flashy, obnoxious editing, unnecessary slow motion shots, a terrible soundtrack ("Beat 'em Up" sits up there with "You Gotta Fight" in terrible rap/metal hybrids featured in a Direct to DVD movie), and no real interest and motiviation. As I said, some of these actors try, but there's no feeling that there's something being done for a greater good like other revenge movies.

There isn't anything to recommend about "Blood Out." It's a lazy, lifeless little movie that offers nothing, and even fans of low rent exploitation/action movies will have trouble staying interested.

Rating: 1.5/10

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