Monday, April 18, 2011

The Stink of Flesh (2005)

If you ask me, tales of a zombie apocalypse are kind of getting old. Maybe it's just me, but trying to tackle political and social issues with zombies and doing the same old same old with the premise of a zombie apocalypse is old news. I want my zombie apocalypse story to be different. Tackle something that few others or nobody else has bothered to do with the living dead. Hell, ask questions that no other zombie movie has bothered to ask. That's what Scott Phillips' 2005 movie "The Stink of Flesh" does, with this doozy of a premise: what's a swinging married couple (Diva and Ross Kelly) to do when most of the populace is made of of flesh eating zombies?

Well, for starters, they get a guy named Matool (Kurly Tlapoyawa)-who likes to fight zombies with his fists and kill them with giant nails as opposed to using guns-to have his way with wife Dexy. It seems like a fine thing-if you don't count Dexy's sister Sassy (Gunner Hansen's daughter Kristin) and her deformed, growth like Siamese twin sister on her stomach, and the fact that husband Nathan is starting to get tired of people fucking his wife while he watches. To make matters worse, a trio of army guys who narrowly survived a zombie attack (the things start out fast, but get slow as time goes on-great concept), and they start having their way with Dexy-much to the chagrin of Nathan. Then there's that naked zombie girl Nathan keeps chained and locked up, and that creepy kid with not so good intentions, and all of those zombies outside...

In a lot of ways, "The Stink of Flesh" is a movie that's a lot easier to appreciate than it is to enjoy. There's a lot to like here, such as the offbeat humor, the creative premise, catchy soundtrack, inventive touches and can do enthusiasm and energy it packs. It really is a 100% independent movie (made for a budget of at least $3,500) with a no bullshit attitude to match. It's a movie that's impossible to hate, and compared to other micro-budget zombie movies, it's a classic. Yet at the same time, it still lacks a bit.

One of the most notably lacking things is the performances. Whilst Tlapoyawa does a fine job, everyone else is about as rough as you'd expect from a movie like this. In particular is Hansen, whose performance seems to largely consist of weird, twitchy facial expressions and poor attempts at being quirky that get annoying fast. Also, don't expect a whole lot of T&A from this movie. Sure, you do get female nudity, but apart from the nude zombie girl (and a flashback of her pre-zombie life), the rest of the available nudity is made up of Matool's naked ass bobbing about as he gives Dexy a little something. Then there's the conclusion, which is unsatisfactory, and feels like the result of running out of film stock. When it ends, it ends rather abruptly, and left me wondering "that's it?"

Still, as far as horror made on an almost non-existent budget, you could do a lot worst than this, as it's certainly one of the better examples of a micro-budget movie I've seen. Just don't expect a classic or a great zombie movie.

Rating: 6/10

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