Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wrestlemaniac (2006)

I make no apologies about it: I'm a fan of professional wrestling. Well, I'm on a break from it at the moment (it's not clicking with me the way it once did), but the point still stands. I guess that's why I've seen several B-movies with wrestlers. It's a sub-genre I've lovingly dubbed "Wrestlesploitation." That out of the way, there's still a few I have yet to see, or ones that I have seen but have yet to review. So, here's a movie I've been meaning to review for a while in 2006's "Wrestlemaniac."

A group of dumb, annoying people looking to shoot a porn movie meet a man in a gas station ("House of 1'000 Corpses" actor Irwin Keyes), who tells them to look out for the ghost town of La Sangre de Dios, in which a murderous Wrestler known as El Mascarado (Rey Misterio Sr.) resides. Well, they go there anyways because hey, that's the kind of things kids do in slasher movies, and what do ya know, the legend is true.

There really isn't a whole lot that stands out in "Wrestlemaniac." It clearly wants to be "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with a Luchador instead of Leatherface and his family, but it's unable to do anything new. Granted, that parts okay, but it's also unable to do many interesting things. Sure, there's some nice death scenes and gore (El Mascarado likes to tear off his victims faces ala the way a "Rudo Luchador" tears off his opponents mask), and the novelty of him using professional wrestling movies is a lot of fun. That's all there is though. The porn movie sub-plot is obnoxious and never really that titillating or funny, little if any of the humor works, the sleazier elements feel forced, and the whole thing is largely a drag to sit through.

Oh, and then there's the characters. Granted, this is the kind of movie in which you are supposed to root for the killer, but still, at least give us one character that isn't disposable. The worst offender of the lot though is Steve (Jeremy Radin), the cameraman whose also a wrestling fan. I will give it this much-the fact that he concludes that unmasking him would be the only way to stop him, because in Lucha Libre that's the ultimate humiliation is a good idea. That out of the way, everything he and porn director Alphonse (Adam Huss) says and does got on my last nerve.

I've seen worse in the field of "Wrestlesploitation", but this movie just doesn't do anything particularly interesting or entertaining. I wish I had some wrestling related puns-oh wait, I do: it wants to get the three count, but instead it made me tap out.

Rating: 3.5/10

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