Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf (2010)

Some premises are so ludicrous, you go with them because of this. Take "Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf", which sports a killer in a giant, metallic wolf outfit. Too bad the movie itself can't do much with the goofiness of that scenario.

Here, said killer is aptly referred to as "The Wolf", and has been captured. This still isn't enough for Johnny Morgan (Andrew Cymek, who also wrote and directed this), who wants him to suffer because he saw "The Wolf" kill his sister when he was a kid (which traumatized him into becoming a bad actor.) Well, an electrical outage causes the killers in the asylum he's in to escape their confines, and they soon start going after civilians. All the while, he must finally come face to face with "The Wolf", who might not be who he thinks it is.

"Medium Raw" is a movie with too many problems to talk about, so before that, I want to mention that William B. Davis (who you may remember as the cigarette smoking man on "The X-Files") is fine in his role, wrestler Christian Cage is fun as Johnny buddy Pete (dude could have a decent career as a character actor in B-Movies when he retires from wrestling), and the killer's lair is creepy and laden with a deathly atmosphere.

Now on to the negatives. For starters, this thing is way too long at an hour and 50 minutes. Movies like this should be 80 or 90 minutes long, not nearly two hours. That kind of length just makes you want to scream "oh just end already." Also, few of the performances are worth a damn, as John Rhys-Davies just mumbles most of his dialogue, co-star/producer Brigitte Kingsley is nothing more than a dull stock character, and don't even get started on Cymek. This guy's one of the worst leading men I've seen in a while, and delivers his dialogue via lots of grimacing and little other emotion or conviction. At least pretend you care. Hell, he wrote and directed it too. Maybe he shouldn't do the triple threat thing. Add some poor humor (a cannibalistic old woman), too many plot holes to name, and a weak conclusion, and you have a disaster.

To be fair, this isn't the worst movie I've seen this year. Far from it in fact. It's just an all around bad movie, with little if anything to really recommend. It's just a a plateful of nothing.

Rating: 2.5/10

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