Thursday, August 25, 2011

Super Hybrid (2010)

Killer cars and automobiles aren't a rarity exclusive to Monty Python. Nope, they are also a sub-genre in horror, with movies ranging from "The Cars" to "Christine" to "Maximum Overdrive." That's fine and all, except there's one problem: with the exception of movies one and two, it's pretty much impossible to do a scary killer car movie. Why? Because the premise of a killer, driver free car is kinda goofy. Case in point: 2010's "Super Hybrid", which wants to intrigue, but instead ends up being mostly boring.

After killing two dumb guys nobody will miss, our killer car ends up getting in a traffic accident. However, the mechanics and their asshole boss Ray (Oded Fehr) soon find out that it has a thing for killing people, and seems to be controlled by a tentacled monster.

Sure sounds goofy, doesn't it? To be fair, director Eric Valette (whose credits include a bad remake of Takashi Miike's "One Missed Call" and the underrated "Malefique") does manage to give us at least one or two nice scenes of the car chasing people, and Fehr is a lot of fun as the dickhead boss. Apart from that, there isn't a whole lot that sticks out here. Sure, there are moments where the car is actually imposing, but almost everyone here is incredibly stupid, not to mention all that well written. The actors seem to be trying, but the screenplay by the ironically named Benjamin Carr doesn't really do them any favors. They mostly just argue, run from the car, and get killed off. Even the monster controlling it isn't all that interesting, as it's just another shoddy looking CGI creation.

Which leads to my biggest complaint about the movie: it's boring. If this had skipped the PG-13 rating and went all out crazy instead of trying to do a serious killer car movie, this would have been fun. Instead, the movie is too routine and uneventful to really warrant too much attention.

Look, as I said, there actually good killer car movies out there. This isn't one of them. Do yourself a favor and watch "Christine" again. Believe me, that offers more surprises and entertainment, even if you've seen it hundreds of times already.

Rating: 3/10

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