Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dream Home (2010)

The economy sucks right now. You knew that, but it's still worth noting. At the moment, I can't find a job anywhere, and neither can anyone else. People are also losing their homes, and can't seem to find one no matter what. In short, things suck at the moment. So it is timely that the movie "Dream Home" would tackle the shitty home property market, and how it's affected everyone else in the world-or in this case, Hong Kong.

Josie Ho is Cheng Lai - Sheun, a girl who knows a thing or two about hardships. She lost her parents to mesothelioma, she was smacked around as a child, and she's wanted to have a home to her own-a high rated establishment at that-since she was a kid. Well, she's worked her fingers to the bone to invest in it. Well, the deal ends up falling through, and she's left to her own devices. By that, I mean she sees this as a place to kill for...literally.

Timely, smart, blackly comic, gory and very well acted, "Dream Home" is the kind of horror movie we need more of. This is a film that anyone who wants a home to their own or who has worked extremely hard, only to get nothing in return can relate to. It especially fits considering the state of the housing situation in China. Right now, this has effected the younger generation most of all, as many can't find a place of their own, and are having trouble making ends meet at the end of the day.

Apart from that, this is just a sick but entertaining film. The kills are often times very creative, sometimes just wrong (a pregnant woman is killed via plastic bag and vacuum cleaner), sometimes wince inducing (castration), sometimes darkly funny (wooden plank shoved in the mouth) and always very bloody. Also worthy of notice is Josie Ho, who in spite of the horrible things she does, is somewhat easy to relate to. Granted, most people who are in her position won't go the lengths of killing people, but sympathy can be seen in this monster, whose done everything and gotten nothing in return in a hard-knock life. You don't condone what she does, but you can feel for her either way.

As I said, we need more timely, sick, and disturbingly entertaining horror movies like this. It's easily one of the best sleepers I've seen all year.

Rating: 9/10

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