Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Hazing (2004)

Rolfe Kanefsky has never made a great horror film. That's okay though, as he clearly has no intention on making a classic. His horror movies ("There's Nothing Out There", "Nightmare Man" and "Corpses") are clearly made with adolescent interests-boobs, blood, beasts and more boobs-in mind, not to terrify you or make deep social statements. Is he always successful? No, but these movies, if you are in the right state of mind, can be amusing wastes of time, such as tonight's entry, "The Hazing."

Professor Kapps (Brad Dourif) has some evil intentions in mind-intentions that involve a staff (get your mind out of the gutter dammit) and a book. Meanwhile, a group of sorority pledges are in the midst of a hazing, when Kapps finds Marsha (Tiffany Shepis.) To make a long story short, he ends up dying-sort of. You see, he can now possess people, and he begins to knock off the pledges one by one.

As you can see, there's nothing in the head of this movie, as it's pretty much the same "kids run into evil in a house" premise you've seen in "Hell Night" and "Night of the Demons", which are clearly influences here. That's fine however, since the acting here is better than it was in "Demons" (Dourif, Shepis and Perry Shen in particular are great), and Kanefsky has some fun with some stereotypes, such as the blonde Delia (Nectar Rose) not being the dumb blimbo she seems to be. That out of the way, it's blood and boobs you want from a movie like this, and it delivers. Nearly every woman here gets topless, and the kills are largely pretty good. The highlight however, is a possession that ends with a tongue becoming extra elongated, which really brought to mind that aforementioned "Demons."

There are problems though. First of all, while some of the jokes work, others-especially some awful puns and a really unnecessary fart joke-fall really flat. Also noticeable are some awful CG effects, though I'll let that slide a bit considering that this is clearly a low budget movie. Finally the conclusion didn't work for me, as it's not as fun as the director thinks it is.

A part of me feels the same way I did about a no-budget movie called "Pleasures of the Damned", in that when you get down to it, the jokes eventually run out of steam, and it's in no way good. That out of the way, for a Netflix rental or stream, you could do a whole lot worse, and it's clear most involved had a good time.

Rating: 6/10

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