Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dead Space: Aftermath (2011)

Apparently, because it did well, Anchor Bay decided that "Dead Space: Downfall", the animated movie prequel to the game "Dead Space", needed a sequel. Granted, "Downfall" was a bad movie, but hey, bad movies tend to get sequels ("Wrath of the Titans" anyone?) So, since I promised to tackle this sequel I didn't ask for (I doubt many people were pining for one), here goes.

Taking place a few weeks after the events of "Downfall", "Aftermath" deals with four survivors of the CDC O'Bannon (Oh, a reference!) are taken to a space station. Soon, Nick Cutter (Christopher Judge) starts seeing visions of her daughter, and through several flashbacks, we find out about the events prior to the rescue.

I will give "Aftermath" this much: the cell animation is better done this time, and it at least seems to be trying to offer something that resembles character development. However, the movie itself is boring. After a while, constant images of animates heads being severed and alien parasites being killed gets annoying, and it starts to feel like you are watching somebody play a video game instead of actually playing one. Also, while the cell animation has improved, we also have to contend with some very awkward CG animation. While there was CG in the prior movie, it was at least used sparingly. Here, seeing characters be CG one moment, and more traditionally animated the next is jarring, and leaves the viewer wondering "why didn't they just stick with one style?"

Another complaint I have is that while it tries to develop the characters, they are still wooden and lifeless. You don't hate anybody, but the movie offers no reason for you to care about them. You have to do more than "Hey, these people have families" to make the viewer care about them. Finally the conclusion is weak-here even worse than the last one, and leaves room for yet another sequel, though here's to hoping that never happens.

I mentioned in my last review that 15 year old me would have loved a movie like this. Here, he would say "Come on man, it's got gore and boobs!" Well, if I want to see an animated movie with that, I'll just watch "Heavy Metal."

Rating: 2.5/10

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