Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Little Info/Help Please

I'm aware that this isn't a review, but whatever.

Anyways, I'm preparing for a future review of a 1990 movie called "The Suckling." Anyways, I've notice that writer/director Francis Teri only has the following other credits: Acting as a police man in "Flesh Eating Mothers", and producing a Richard W. Haines movie from 1996 called "Head Games." The IMDB has this as it's premise:

A psychologist for inmates has knowledge of a secret, experimental brain implant, designed to change convicts' behavior so that they will not remember or repeat their crimes and, therefore, be able to return productively to society rather than remain in an increasing prison population. The procedure, however, suffers some imperfections: Three killers are at it again.

It also has one user review. That's it. I can't find any information about this movie. No photos, no pictures, no trailer, no other reviews....nothing. Does anyone know anything about this movie, because it's eating me up. Is it any good? Has anyone actually seen it? Was is every officially released? If you know, post in my comments section. As for "The Suckling"? It's in my Netflix queue, so when it arrives, I'll watch it and review afterwards.

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