Sunday, May 6, 2012

Night Wolf (2010)

At this point, everyone knows about "The Hunger Games", and how it made a whole lot of money and may have turned Lionsgate into a big time player for a change. Well, I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about "Night Wolf", a recent acquisition that on the DVD cover, boasts that it's from a producer of the classic werewolf movie "Dog Soldiers." Which is funny, because this feels nothing like that movie and everything like a waste of time.

Sarah Tyler (Isabella Calthorpe) and her friends (one of whom is played by Tom Felton, whose best known for playing Draco in the "Harry Potter" movies) decide it would be a good idea to go to a country house and smoke some pot and talk about (and have) sex. Of course, there's something in the countryside-a hairless werewolf creature-that starts to pick them off, leading them to fight for their lives...well, kind of. They mostly just bicker and argue a lot.

First of all: For fans of Mr. Felton-don't bother. He's barely in the movie, and quickly becomes werewolf chow. There, I just saved you money. It's not like you'll miss his character anyway, or care about anyone else for that matter. That's because there's nothing going on here characterization wise. Apart from the fact that Sarah just came back from America, you know nothing about these kids other than the fact that they like to drink, follow that old Nate Dogg motto "Smoke Weed Everyday", and yell at each other. I couldn't wait for the wolf to start taking people out.

So, does that part work out? No, it does not. The majority of the kills are done via the monster's POV, and that POV is "really fast and mostly in red, thus making it hard to tell what the hell is going on." The gore we do get is rarely that interesting, the direction by Jonathan Glendening is lacking, the plot is barebones, and there's no reason to care. As for suspense-well, there is one effective moment revolving around a gun, but everything else is extremely by the numbers. Even the twist nearing the end is lame, and does nothing for what little plot there is.

If you want to see a good werewolf movie from the producer of "Dog Soldiers"...then just go watch that movie. You'll be much more entertained than you will by this piece of crap.

Rating: 2/10

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