Sunday, September 2, 2012

Freelancers (2012)

That's it. I'm not sitting through another movie featuring 50 Cent. With "Freelancers", I've now seen 3 movies featuring everyone's favorite mumbling thespian in a terrible film (released of course, by Lionsgate), as well as the second that somehow manages to drag two respected actors (Robert De Niro and Forest "I won an Oscar and didn't do much worth damn soon after" Whitaker) into his latest bid at trying to be a leading man, and here, we get what may be his worst yet.

50 Cent stats as Malo, a man whose father was a police officer he saw slain before his eyes. When he and two of his friends get locked up, they find themselves getting paroled and even joining the police force. When they Graduate, Malo joins the Street Vice Task Force, which is run by his dad's ex partner Vic Sarcone (De Niro.) This being a shitty cop movie, it turns out that the Task Force is a haven for corrupt cops.

That's it as far as plot concerns. To say the least, you aren't going to find anything here that's worth a damn. Everyone here is either terrible (50 Cent continues to be a charismatic vacuum) or sleepwalking through their roles (De Niro), with only Whitaker delivering a decent performance. Everything else is awful too. The direction, editing, choreography and cinematography is piss poor. The scripts is filled with uninteresting characters and plot holes. In short, it all feels like a cynical cash grab made to sucker whatever fans 50 Cent has left, and offers nothing in the way of merit.

 I'm not even going to make a witty comment. I mean-God Bobby, can't you say no at least one?

Which brings me to 50 Cent. Apart from his awful performance, the character of Malo is completely unsympathetic. He's a man whose responsible for killing innocent people early on and aids in a cover, yet nothing happens to him. I know he's supposed to be a flawed character, but there's nothing about him that makes him interesting. Plus, he makes dumb choices throughout the movie, especially at the end. He's the protagonist, but he's dumb as bricks and as unlikable as they come.

There is no reason to watch this movie. Even fans of the lead will most likely feel ripped off by this thing, as it serves as nothing but an awful cop movie that somehow got a brief theatrical run because of the people involved.

Rating: 0/10

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