Wednesday, October 10, 2012

80's Horror Week: Psychos in Love (1987)

I sometimes feel confused when someone romanticizes 42nd Street New York and Grindhouse theaters. Sure, there was some great stuff back then, but the places themselves weren't the most ideal. I'm sorry, but most of the world (including those that go on and on about how great those theaters and streets were back then) wouldn't want to sit in a theater with shitty air conditioning, sticky to the point of "I can't get my feet off the ground" and people talking in the theater incessantly. Oh, and the hard drugs, filthy cheap sex that left semen everywhere, dirty needles, crackhead hookers and raging unemployment.

It's no wonder why most people would prefer to watch such films at home then sit next to a flatulent, greasy looking man who has breathing problems in a hot, uncomfortable theater that smells like pee. Unfortunately, a lot of the movies that went straight to video weren't up to par with the likes of "Basket Case" and "Evil Dead 2", so you instead got the likes of "Flesh Eating Mothers" and "Splatter Farm." Gorman Bechard's "Psychos in Love" manages to be somewhat different in that it actually offers some laughs (up to a point), but it also has the cheap Casio keyboard score and poor direction that marred  many of these titles.


Meet Joe (Carmine Capobianco) and Kate (Debi Thibault.) They're young, they fall in love, and life seems to be going good for them. Also, they both like to kill people, and they really hate grapes. Add a plumber who also likes to kill people-and eat them too-and you're on a collision coarse with wackiness!

There are a few things to like about "Psychos in Love." For starters is the humor, which works at least half the time. I genuinely laughed several times at some of the jokes, particularly some that  break the fourth wall (the best involving a boom mike.) I also like the idea of the film, which can be summed up as "What if you mixed "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" with a screwball romantic comedy?" I don't know why, but there's something about the idea that's so wrong it almost comes off as perfect.

Unfortunately, the film proves to be too wacky for it's own good. There are too many dumb gags-sound effects when a girl shows her boobs, annoying songs, montages and more that are meant to be funny, but just caused me to roll my eyes. Also, once the couple start to lose interest in killing, the movie stops being interesting, and the joke ends up feeling too drawn out to really warrant it's 88 minute length. I know, that's not very long. However, the end result feels like it would have been better if they trimmed some of the fat and cut a few gags that really don't work.

The dark side of being an 80's Madonna fan

As a whole, "Psychos in Love" is worth a rental if you have a soft spot for the likes of "Blood Diner" and "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers." Just don't expect anything as funny or manic as those movies.

Rating: 5/10

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