Friday, October 26, 2012

Virgin Witch (1972)

In case you've noticed, there are tags at the bottom of my reviews. One that is very prevalent is "There's boobs too", which is included for movies that have several instances of female nudity, or one in particular that really stands out. If there was any movie worthy of that tag, it would be Ray Austin's 1972 film "Virgin Witch", in which female nudity seems to be the only reason for it's existence.

You have no idea how hard it was to find a picture without boobs.

The plot (well, what plot we have at least) deals with Christine (Anne Michelle) and her sister Betty (Vicki Michelle) getting the once in a lifetime chance to become models. Heading to a castle for a photo shoot (which is always a great idea), Christine is lured in by Sybil White (Patricia Haines), who is needs a virgin to join her coven of witches. Amazingly, Christine is all for joining this coven, but we all know this will turn out to be 

And Christine soon finds herself fighting for control. So in short, it's kinda like "Twins of Evil", only without vampires, crazy puritans and not as good.

There's little in "Virgin Witch" that could be called scary. Granted, it can occasionally be atmospheric, but as I said earlier, this is a movie that seems to exist simply to show a whole lot of naked women, and in that regard, it can be called a success. It helps that the women are all gorgeous in that vintage 70's glamor way, and that unlike something like a Jess Franco movie, it doesn't make the nudity redundant and ultimately dull.

Everything else? Well, it's not that badly directed or acted I guess, but little of it is all that great. The horror aspect itself feels pretty muted to be honest, as if those behind it were almost reluctant to include the whole occult angle. Like other European genre films from this era, it's an occult horror tale that's more interested in breasts than it is horror. Hell, if your looking for gore you will be disappointed, though you might like the rituals themselves, which have a very druggy vibe to them.

As a whole, "Virgin Witch" isn't much to write home about. That out of the way, if your in the mood for blatant sexploitation fluff, then you could do a whole lot worse than this, and would make for a decent rental in that case. Plus, you know, boobs.

Rating: 5/10

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