Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snuff (1976)

Bait and switch. That's the game behind "Snuff", whose behind the scenes story is much more interesting than the actual movie. Originally a forgotten exploitation film directed by the guys who gave you "Shriek of the Mutilated", a producer decided to re release it (unbeknownst to the directors) with new footage that would be added at the end. The footage? An authentic snuff movie. By "authentic snuff movie", I mean something that's clearly fake. Nonetheless, controversy started, protests (some fabricated") burst, and the movie itself was released. The end result? Nothing good, though the tagline "The film that could only be made in South America-where life is CHEAP!" and the unapologetic score (which even rips off "Satisfaction") offer incidental pleasures.

The "plot", as it were, deals with a cult lead by a man who calls himself Satan (pronounced "Sah-Ten") who gets his biker members to do his evil bidding. After a whole lot of boredom and nothing happening (the re-editing job leaves a lot to be desired), the "director" yells "cut", then invites one of the actresses (who is clearly not the same actress that was in the film) on set. Cue torture and murder, then roll credits.

Everything about "Snuff" ranges from unremarkable to unintentionally hilarious. The footage from "The Slaughter" is mostly boring, and plays out like "I Drink Your Blood" minus that film's trashy charm. The "snuff" footage itself is not only unconvincing, but borders on unintentionally comical. The gore itself is unconvincing, the actress seems to be more annoyed than distressed, and the act of violence is as unrealistic as the violence perpetrated in the "Slaughter" footage. The whole movie is much adieu about nothing.

Unless you absolutely have to see every notorious exploitation movie, "Snuff" is nothing worthy of note. It's a cheap, uninteresting exploitation film that gives cheap exploitation movies a bad name. Still, great tagline.

Rating: 1/10

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