Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blood Bath (1966)

I remember back in the 90's, when Roger Corman was producing remakes of some of his classics-movies like "Piranha", "Humanoids From the Deep", "Wasp Woman" and "Not of This Earth" got the remake treatment. While some most likely cried foul, others knew it wasn't the first time he had one of his movies remake for some cash. "Not of This Earth" had already been remade in the 80's, and in 1966 Jack Hill directed "Blood Bath", which is something of a remake of "A Bucket of Blood."

Antonio Sordi (William Campbell) is an artist that likes to do paintings of women that are near death, and said paintings are a hit. Sordi also likes to live in a bell tower, and believes he's actually a vampire. As women he's painted are reported missing, tensions start to build, other artists grow suspicious and Sordi's sanity begins to further disappear...

"Blood Bath" is kind of a hit and miss affair to be honest. The direction by Hill and co-director/co-writer Stephanie Rotham (also a bit of an exploitation vet) is fine, but the script is everywhere, feeling more like a collection of sometimes effective, other times ill-thought out. The acting is sometimes good (Campbell does a fine job, and Sid Haig is fun in a supporting role) and other times pretty poor (most of the actresses are here more for eye candy than they are for their skills as thespians.) It's pretty short (62 minutes), doesn't have any fat in it's story and moves at a reasonable pace, but little about it is surprising, especially if you've seen "A Bucket of Blood." Finally, that movie's level of satire is missing here, as it all feels like a rather standard mid 60's horror movie than it does anything special. That's a shame too, because the idea of an artist trying to capture death is fascinating, but it's never actually explored.

As a whole, "Blood Bath" is at least worth a weekend afternoon viewing, but it doesn't offer a lot that's particularly memorable either. It's pretty much the definition of "Eh, it's okay."

Rating: 5/10

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