Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Club (1994)

There's not a whole worthy of interest in today's entry, the mid 90's Canadian horror film "The Club." Really, it's just another in a long line of straight-to-video movies from that time that nobody remembers, so the fact that it isn't on DVD is no big loss. It is on Netflix instant though, and opens with the Miramax logo, so I'm sure either Lionsgate or Echo Bridge will be putting it out on one of those budget movie packs soon.

Anyway, the plot deals with a night at the prom, where all kinds of unsavory people-a rapist teacher (Kim Coates) and an abusive boyfriend (Zack Ward) are amongst the many forgettable people there. When the clock hits midnight, these two and some others find themselves in some sort of limbo between heaven and hell where a bunch of random things happen. The man anchoring all of this (Joel Wyner) is actually a demon, and he wants their souls.

That's it pretty much. Granted, the acting is actually pretty good (Wyner steals the show, clearly having a ball and injecting some much needed humor into the proceedings) and the score by Paul Zaza (whose genre credits include "Prom Night", "My Bloody Valentine", and "Popcorn" to name a few, though he also scored "Porky's" and "A Christmas Story") is spirited and effective. That's about all the kind things I can say about this.

The film in itself plays out like a weak version of "Night of the Demons", as whatever sex and violence is pretty tame for the large part. It also makes no sense, often leaping from one "frightening" scene to the next without any real context or basic narrative structure. On that end, it kinda reminded me of Dante Tomaselli's "Horror", only without that films reverence for Italian and American horror from the 70's and early 80's. Then there's the conclusion, which is a headache of an ending and is confusing to boot. It especially doesn't help that out of the rest of the non-contextual nature of the film, this was the most head scratching element of all.

I can't see most horror fans getting excited for this, as it's a mostly dull movie that doesn't deliver enough of what some may want, and feels more like watching a rather uneventful nightmare instead of an actual movie. Go read a book or something instead.

Rating: 3/10

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