Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Night of the Demons 2 (1994)

I didn't go to Catholic School of any sort as a kid. This is most likely because there wasn't one in the town I lived in, but I went to regular High School and College. This is also the closest I'll ever come to discussing religion on this blog by the way. That out of the way, if there's anything to take away from the Brian Trenchard Smith directed sequel to the cult favorite "Night of the Demons" (speaking of which, why did it take so long for a sequel to be made?), it's that Catholic Sororities are no different than any other sorority in a horror movie-meaning there's topless women, horny men who want to fuck them, and some sort of evil going on.

Most people have met someone like this

The film opens with two Jehovah's witness types trying to tell a woman about Jesus. This turns out to be

Because this woman is Angela (Amelia Kinkade, reprising her role) who then turns them into mincemeat. Anyways, we cut to a local Catholic school, where Sister Gloria (Jennifer Rhodes) rules with an iron ruler. The school dance is about to happen, but Shirley Finnerty (Zoe Trilling) and her pals are banned for flirting with boys. Instead, they decide that spending the night at Hull House seems like a great idea, which turns out to be...well, look at the picture above you. That's right, Angela's back, and after going to the party (which leads to the only time on film anyone will dance to Morbid Angel), she has her eyes set on the girls...including Mouse (Merle Kennedy) whose related to Angela.

Like the original, nobody is going to look at this as a cinematic achievement. The humor is hit and miss, and when the jokes bomb (including some groan inducing puns), they bomb really badly. It mostly just has boobs and gore on it's mind, and doesn't demand much from it's audience. In short, it's the definition of a dumb, beer and pizza horror movie. However, like the original, it's pretty fun-and is actually a better movie in some ways.

A part of this is thanks to director Brian Trenchard Smith, who I think at least, is a better director than  Kevin Tenney. Like Tenney, he knows not to take all of this seriously. Unlike Tenney, he actually understands the importance of things like character development and plot, and the script (by original "Demons" writer Joe Augustyn) is better written this time around. It also has better acting than the original. Okay, some of the performances are bad, but the ones that stand out (in particular Rhodes as the tough as nails but kind at heart Sister Rhodes, and future Mrs. Ben Stiller Christine Taylor) manage to work, as the actors actually make you care about their plight. Finally, while you aren't going to get anything nearly as outrageous as the "lipstick scene" from the first movie (if this does pale in comparison to the original, it's that it's a little bit tamer in the sex and gore department), the creature and make-up effects are actually a lot better, with various different designs and beasts on display for your viewing pleasure.

When I think hip shaking music, I think songs from Morbid Angel's album "Covenant."

Nothing about "Night of the Demons" really sticks out as a great horror movie. That's fine though, because it never sets out to be one. It's a undemanding party movie meant to be watched with friends, and it largely does a good job with it's (somewhat low) ambitions.

Rating: 7.5/10

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