Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dawn of the Mummy (1981)

How much do you love Italian zombie movies? I mean really, how much? If you say "equivocally", then something like "Dawn of the Mummy" may change your mind. Granted, the final 15 minutes are a lot of fun, but the rest of it is a chore to get through.

The plot is really not anything worth getting into. Basically, a group of fashion models and their crew disturb the tomb of a mummy, reviving an ancient curse and the mummy himself. However, he isn't alone this time around, as he had an army of undead slaves (well, what usually looks like five or six zombies at least) that crave human flesh.

As I said, the final 15 minutes of this movie are pretty fun, as you get all the gut munching and mayhem you'd want from a zombie movie called "Dawn of the Mummy." Plus, I liked the scenes of the dead rising from their graves, which possess an eerie ambiance to them. Unfortunately, you don't get much else. For a movie that involves supermodels, there isn't that much in the skin department. Much of the time, the film feels to chaste, even not bothering to show anything when they go skinny dipping. Movies like this usually require at least some bare female flesh in order to get along. This movie seems afraid to do anything in that department.

It also doesn't help that so much of the film is done with the pacing of a slug on flypaper. Much of the film seems to be made up of endless scenes of chatter that don't go anywhere, with models and the crew talking about nothing in particular. That out of the way, it does offer the occasional  unintentional chuckle along the way, the highpoint being a model that stumbles upon a headless corpse, and the rather blase reaction from everyone around her as she freaks out. If it weren't for the abundance of gore near the end, this would be great MST3K material.

Unless you are the kind of guy who is has to see every Italian zombie movie, there isn't any reason to own "Dawn of the Mummy." I'd make a "Yawn of the Mummy" pun, but I'd like to think that even I am above that.

Rating: 3.5/10

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