Sunday, April 3, 2016

Black Demons (1991)

"Black Demons", in spite of it's title, is an in name only sequel to Lamberto Bava's "Demons" movies. Nope, instead, you get a zombie movie instead of the sorta zombie movie those films were. It's also an Italian horror film from the late 80's/early 90's, so you can throw any hopes for it being good. Oh, and yes, it's as racist as it's title implies.

Here, three college kids, a couple and housekeeper are menaced by zombies. So, what are these zombies after? Well, they want revenge. You see, they were slaves that were killed, and after being resurrected via a voodoo curse, they decide to kill six white people. Also, they still have nooses around their necks, God, this movie is fucking racist. Like, even by the standards of exploitation movies, this shit is offensive, and I am a man who isn't offended easily.

So, it's offensive. How bad is it outside of that? Well, first of all, this was directed by Umberto Lenzi, who previously directed a prior movie I reviewed in "Nightmare Beach". To be fair, he directed some solid genre movies in the past, such as the giallo films "Seven Bloodstained Orchids" and "Spasmo", but he is mostly known as the man that created the Italian Cannibal genre with the film "Man From the Deep River" and later directing one of the most notorious entries of that sub-genre "Cannibal Ferox". At this point, his career had gone the way of any other Italian genre director not named Dario Argento or Michele Soavi-down the crapper.

So yeah, this movie sucks. There's some decent gore, but the direction is so bland and wooden. You can't help but wish that Lenzi was at least trying (apparently, even he hates this movie) but here the movie feels like it was directed by a man who no longer gave a shit about anything. It doesn't help that the cast is terrible, not to mention unlikable and hey-what do you know, casually racist too. What the hell were Lenzi and screenwriter Olga Pehar* thinking? Maybe this was originally meant to be an indictment of colonialist, racist attitudes, but that is more than likely giving this movie way too much credit.

There really isn't much of anything here. This is the kind of bottom of the barrel garbage that has no reason to exist, and actually makes you angry once it is over. Shit, "After Death" aka "Zombi 4" is a better Italian Zombie movie than this.

Rating: 1/10

*Pehar's is Lenzi's wife, and has helped write other movies of his-including "Ironmaster", "Hitcher in the Dark", "Hell's Gate" and other late period Lenzi films.

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