Sunday, May 22, 2016

Black Candles (1982) and Evil Eye (1975)

Hey, another two mini-reviews. Why? Because I love you that much (actually, because it's a Sunday and I'm bored). Here's two movies that came on a DVD I rented from Netflix.

First is "Black Candles", which comes from "Vampyres" and "Symptoms" director José Ramón Larraz. Here, a young woman and her boyfriend head to England after her brother dies. Whilst staying at her sister in law's place, the two soon find themselves drawn into a Satanic cult that fancies such things like orgies (so far, so standard) and bestiality (okay, that's a bit fucked up).

Though "Vampyres" and 'Symptoms" are underrated horror films, "Black Candles is ultimately a bore-and that say a lot considering it has goat fucking and a man getting a sword shoved up his ass. It's an erotic horror movie, but none of it is actually sexy, and when you get down to it, it's basically an excuse to shoot sex scenes with the veneer of a horror movie slapped onto it. It's the kind of movie where hardly anything happens, and it comes to no surprise that it's director disowned it after it was released. At least the score is fun.

Slightly better, but still not good is "Evil Eye." In this movie, the police are investigating Peter Crane (Jorge Rivero), who may or may not be connected to those around him dying. In the process, Pete has been having nightmares dealing with the murders, and soon, others are in danger as well.

An occasionally interesting blend of Giallo and supernatural elements, "Evil Eye" ends up feeling like a missed opportunity. There's a fun, jazzy score by Stelvio Cipriani, some interesting ideas and enough female nudity to please fans of trash, but the movie is unable to congeal into a whole. As a result, it's often incoherent, feeling like a bunch of images and plot points that don't go anywhere, all leading to a pretty lame conclusion. Oh well.

Black Candles: 2/10

Evil Eye: 4/10

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